Private Information in Common Pools – A Repeated Game

In this study, we carry out multi-round two-player sequential common pool resource (CPR) experiments in order to see how players’ behaviours develop over time. We focus on the differences between two experiment treatments, one where both players know the available resource size, and one where only the first mover knows the available sum…


1 Introduction
1.1 Problem Overview
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Denitions
1.4 Limitations of Scope
1.5 Outline
2 Overview of Previous Research
2.1 The CPR Dilemma Model
2.1.1 Complete Information
2.1.2 Private Information
2.2 CPR Study by Lindahl and Johannesson (2005)
2.2.1 Experiment Design
2.2.2 Results
2.2.3 Implications
2.3 The Inequality-Aversion Model of Fairness
2.4 Other Experimental Studies on Fairness
2.4.1 Complete Information Studies
2.4.2 Private Information Studies
2.4.3 Pie Size Makes Little Difference
2.5 Learning Theory
2.6 Empirical Studies on Learning
2.6.1 Complete Information
2.6.2 Private Information
3 Experiment Setup
3.1 Design
3.2 Hypotheses
3.2.1 Complete Information
3.2.2 Private Information
3.2.3 Comparison of Complete and Private Information
3.3 Statistics
4 Results…


Source: Stockholm School of Economics

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