Process Improvement: how to improve Volvo Truck Corporation’s/Volvo 3P’s process for idea implementation

In a mature industry like the Truck industry, competition is getting harder and harder. To be able to generate cost savings a company must be flexible and prepared to adapt to new ideas and solutions. It is thus important to have an efficient process for generating and implementing new ideas. At Volvo Trucks Corporation (VTC) a process called Global Development Process (GDP) is used for implementing new ideas. The process is used for all types of ideas from small changes to the introduction of a brand new truck.

The purpose of this master’s thesis is to improve VTC’s process for idea implementation. A problem constantly recurring in the analysis of the process at VTC is the lack of knowledge and information about the process. On basis of the analysis and the literature study, proposals for improvements have finally been developed.

The recommendations include both rather radical changes such as creating a new decentralized process as well as smaller changes such as start measuring lead-times. The most powerful measure that will solve a majority of the problems discussed in this report is to make sure that the process is sufficiently implemented throughout the organization. Improvements have to be dealt with on a continuous basis in order to get a more efficient process. By implementing some or all of the proposals for improvement presented in this report the process will be more efficient, which will help VTC implement more cost-saving ideas and thus become a more profitable company.

Author: Kardemark, David

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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