Process Modeling of a Wire Saw Operation

Multicrystalline (MC) silicon solar cells are manufactured from bread-loaf sized ingots of solar-grade silicon by means of a multi-wire saw. In a typical wire saw system, MC ingots are sliced with an area of 100×100 mm2 and the latest wire saw systems can achieve thicknesses down to 300 microns. What makes this a challenging simulation problem is the wide range of timescales…


1 Introduction
1.1 Motivation
1.2 Past Work
1.3 Goals
2 System Modeling
2.1 Base Case
2.2 Modeling Equations
2.3 Wire Deflection
2.4 Material Removal
2.5 Preston Coefficient
2.6 Initial Wire Deflection
2.6.1 Segment AB
2.6.2 Segment CD
2.6.3 Segment BC
2.7 Numerical Solution
2.8 Numerical Simulation
2.8.1 Ingot Profile Evolution
3 Results and Discussion
3.1 Base Case
3.2 Increased Tension
3.3 Increased Velocity
4 Conclusions and Future Work

Author: Palathra, Thomas Cherian

Source: University of Maryland

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