Product placement: the affect of modalities in television

People are constantly being exposed to advertisements in different forms, regardless of where the ads may appear. However, the development of new technology and the escalation of alternative media have made the target audience more difficult to reach. This fact is one of the reasons for the boost of product placement in television. From this the purpose of this thesis became to provide a better understanding on how product placement is used in television today. To reach this purpose, two research questions were stated, focusing on the types of product placement and the affects. Based on these research questions, a literature review was conducted, resulting in a conceptual framework that presented the data to be collected. A qualitative, case study methodology was employed with data being collected through focus group interviews. The findings show that there are different modes of presentation affecting the viewer in different ways. Moreover, it became apparent that product placement has many benefits over traditional advertising, but there are a number of factors to be considered when using it to promote a brand.

Author: Edström, Daniel; Jervfors, Per

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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