Protecting User Privacy in an Untrustworthy Environment

With more and more widespread use of web services in building distributed applications grows and the need to develop and implement adequate mechanisms for protection of such applications. The purpose of this paper is to investigate ways for achieving high security by using encryption during development of applications providing web services. The main task of the paper is to show a universal security model design guidelines for protecting user privacy in an untrustworthy Environment.


1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Problem statement
1.3 Purpose
1.4 Demarcation
2. Methods
2.1 Data collection
2.1.1 Literature study
2.1.2 Interviews
2.1.3 Alice documentation
3. Related research
3.1 Distributed software applications
3.2 ISO 9126 model
3.3 ”trust” in web services
3.4 Cryptography
4. Case study ”Alice”
4.1 Three scenarios
4.1.1 Tom sign up at Alice
4.1.2 Tom sign in in Alice using his login and password, P
4.1.3 Tom changes his registration data
4.2 Computation performance
5. Results
6. Conclusion
6.1 Future work

Author: Zhelyazkov, Galin Ivanov

Source: Goteborg University

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