Influence of Mode Dependent Rayleigh Damping on Transient Stress Response

Main task of thesis is to study the effect of Mode dependent Rayleigh damping on System response. Damping ratio for the structure is not constant for all modes and it varies mode wise. In present task different damping models are defined and used to obtain responses for transient system. Obtained responses show that there is considerable effect of mode dependent damping on response of the system. This outcome could be used for investigations of noise, harshness and fatigue.


1. Notations
2. Introduction
2.1 Background
2.2 Aim and Scope
2.3 Method
3. Dynamic simulation of Flexible Mechanisms
3.1 Basic Theory
3.2 Model Reduction by CMS
3.3 Damping Models
3.3.1 Rayleigh Damping
3.3.2 Mode Dependent Rayleigh Damping
3.3.3 Constant Coefficient Rayleigh Damping
4. Modal Analysis
4.1 Theory
4.2 Experimental Modal Analysis
4.3 Calculating Modal Damping
5. FEDEM Simulation Software
5.1 General
5.1.1 Basic Terms in FEDEM
5.2 Mechanism Modelling
5.3 Applying Damping
6. Test Structures
6.1 Procedure
6.2 Modelling of Basic Links
6.3 Finite Element Models
6.4 Experiments Performed on Test Structures
6.5 Frequency Comparison for Verified Test Structures
7. Extracting Rayleigh Damping Parameters
7.1 Damping Parameters from Experiments
7.1.1 Sub Range Method
7.1.2 Curve Fit Method
7.2 Constant Coefficient Rayleigh Damping
8. Stress Response Analysis
8.1 Procedure
8.2 Obtained Responses
9. Discussion and Conclusions
10. References

Author: Ganesh M Kandge

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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