RCM–based maintenance plans for different operational conditions

RCM is a maintenance method, which comes from the airline industry, in the late 1970’s. The method is used to control the maintenance, prevent possible failures and make the maintenance done in an appropriate frequency. To achieve the RCM analysis a RCM team must be created.

When implement the RCM method in other customer operational conditions, the method must be the same for fulfil the SAE maintenance standard. Instead must the implementation process be modificated.

This thesis work has been performed at Metso Paper, Service Inc., in Sundsvall. Metso Paper is interested in the RCM process and how it could be used in other customer operational conditions.

The purpose with this thesis report was to define what the RCM method is, try to find suggestions of how to implement the RCM method into other customer operational conditions. There was also pilot project done on a twin wire press, to really se how the RCM analysis was performed.

The pilot project were limited to five sub-systems of the twin wire press. These sub-system have been gone through a total RCM analysis, to the front of the audit process.

To successfully implement the RCM method into other customer operational conditions and in their maintenance organizations, must a very good understanding about their culture be made. Also must the implementation process be planned clearly, so that the best result will be reached.

Author: Nordström, Jakob

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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