Relevance of Internal Branding

The objective of this project is to present the idea of internal branding, define it and talk about its importance. The goal is (1) to come up with the explanation why internal branding is essential and explain them thoroughly, (2) to introduce a vital viewpoint with regards to the implementation procedure which internal branding entails, and (3) to see if the theory is mirrored on to the empirics within this context. Carrying out a deep literature survey about internal branding, branding and other associated organizational and marketing concerns; six supportive and crucial points were put forward. Next, by way of a case study on a service business, these 12 points were tested through comprehensive interviews with ten current and former workers of the case company to find out if they empirically exist….

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I. Introduction: Why Internal Branding?
II. What is Internal Branding?
III. Relevance of Internal Brand Management
Supportive Perspective
Critical Perspective
IV. Methodology
V. Case Analysis
Empirical Findings
Case Analysis
Supportive Perspective
Critical Perspective
VI. Limitations, Suggestions for Further Research and Conclusion

Source: Stockholm School of Economics

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