Remote control of embedded system software: XML-RPC over a compactPCI ethernet device and TCP/IP in an ERC32 and RTEMS real-time OS environment

This report describes the implementation of means to control tests of software in embedded systems.

When developing software for embedded systems it is crucial to be able to do test runs to ensure proper operation. This is often done on the target system, i.e. the real hardware with some peripheral test equipment attached. Being able to do this commonly requires physical presence at the test site. To facilitate this procedure, support for remote testing via a network would be desirable.

To achieve this, the target real-time operating system has been complemented with a network device driver, a PCI system bus API, an application level protocol and a test application server and client. The implementation of these complementations is described in this report.

Author: Johansson, Niclas; Larsson, Olof

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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