Rendering virtual objects with real world surface into real scene

In the recent decade, Image Based techniques and their related applications have become a hot topic. There are many commercial products such as movies and Augmented Reality applications, which use these techniques. Image-Based techniques can produce a more photorealistic image, and can smoothly merge real and virtual objects together within a scene. Another reason causing the growth in this technique is that hardware limitations have been virtually eliminated in recent years…


Chapter 1 – Introduction
1.1 Aim and objectives
1.2 Scope of the problem
Chapter 2 – Background
2.1 Image Based Application
2.2 Image-Based Modeling
2.3 Image-Based Rendering
2.4 Three Dimensional Reconstruction
2.5 High Dynamic Range Radiance Map
2.6 Surface Reflectance Recovery
2.7 Summary
Chapter 3 – Approach to the Problem
3.1 Image Based Modeling sub-system
3.2 Image Based Rendering sub-system
Chapter 4 – Image based modeling sub-system
4.1 Three Dimensional Reconstruction Process
4.2 Surface Reconstruction Process
4.3 Surface Reflectance Recovery
4.4 Open problems
Chapter 5 – Image based rendering sub-system
5.1 Assumptions….

Source: City University of Hong Kong

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