A server based architecture for advance reservations in a link-state domain

As applications and user needs evolve, their resource requirements exceed the current best-effort service on the internet. New levels and differentiation of service are being researched to provide this upcoming demand.

Advance reservations targets the aspect of reserving and providing assurance of network resource allocation in the future. The purpose of this work is the exploration and design of an architecture to support computation of routes for advance reservations. This spans retrieval and maintenance of topology information, gathered through interaction with current routing protocols, in particular the OSPF protocol.

A server based architecture prototype was built to provide a system for advance reservations that easily can be extended with new functionality. Routing software from the GateD package was examined to investigate how data was handled in OSPF routers and how to interact with them, with minimal or no changes to the original software.

Future work involves further design and construction of an infrastructure for advance reservations. This involves computation of routes in an advance perspective, communication with a variety of routing and internet protocols, together with the design and implementation of path selection algorithms that will run upon the server’s datastructures.

Author: Hedstrom, Kjell

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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