RETINA : a real-time traffic navigation system

Mobile computing systems are playing a more and more important role in everyday life and applications based on both local and wide area distributed wireless networks are being launched all the time. One of the more challenging applications is real-time traffic navigation, and this thesis focuses on our experience in the design and implementation of a REal-Time Traffic Navigation System (RETINA). There are a large number of challenging issues involved in designing a system that can support navigation requests and meet the arrival deadlines….


Chapter I Introduction
1.1 Background and Motivation
1.2 Related Work
1.3 Contribution of the Thesis
1.4 Organization of the Thesis
Chapter II The Design Issues in RETINA
2.1 System Model, Architecture and Performance Objective
2.2 Management of Traffic Data and Traffic Value Prediction
2.2.1 Traffic Data Modeling
2.2.2 Traffic Graph
2.2.3 Traffic Graph Value Prediction and Path Searching
2.3 Path Monitoring and Re-calculation
2.3.1 Pure Push Vs. Pure Pull for Data Monitoring
2.3.2 Adaptive Push or Pull (ApoP)
2.3.3 Push Mode
2.4 Client Location Prediction
2.5 Adaptive Path Sending Algorithm
Chapter III Implementation of RETINA
3.1 System Implementation
3.2 System Function
3.2.1 Connect
3.2.2 Navigation
3.2.3 Path Finding
3.2.4 Location Based Services
3.3 Screen Design
3.3.1 Connect screen
3.3.2 Overview map
3.3.3 Main screen in navigation mode
3.3.4 Navigation mode
3.3.5 Traffic screen
3.3.6 Predefined Location Dependent Continuous Queries
3.3.7 Location Dependent Continuous Query Monitoring Screen
3.3.8 Location Dependent Continuous Query Monitoring in Navigation mod
3.3.9 Menu Design in RETINA
Chapter IV Performance Issues…

Author: Hung, Dick Hon Tak

Source: City University of Hong Kong

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