Integration of a rich meeting tool into a web platform for ideation

As taught by Object-Oriented disciplines, an API (Application Programming Interface) is a group of functions or procedures offered by a specific library to provide with an abstraction layer.

This Master Thesis presents an API developed to provide rich communication support for a bigger project called Laboranova while keeping it as tool-independent as possible. On top of that, a client was built to test the functionality and availability offered. This Thesis offers an overview of the Software Development process followed, from the analysis of the existing rich meeting tools that could be integrated into Laboranova, the choice of the most suitable one considering the constraints (Interwise) and the implementation and testing of the SOAP API and the web client.

The main purpose of developing this API is to keep Laboranova toolkit users as unaware of the underlying meeting tool as possible to let them focus on idea generation and personal relationships.

Author: Diez Ferreras, Jorge; Pastor González, Ángela

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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