Such a beautiful dream: How Russia did not become a Market Economy

Assuming that the new constitutional documents in Central and Eastern Europe have institutionalised democracy, the rule of law, basic human rights and basically are in line with international and European standards, the main problem is that of their implementation.condition of democracy, constitutionalism and the rule of law would emerge if constitutional/judicial review through constitutional courts or judicial review ensures that the constitution is followed. This would also be the case with the 1993 Russian Constitution. Whichever deficits it may have, a close reading of the original Constitutional text makes it what Richard Sakwa once called a triumph of “ethical individualism.Although the Russian Constitution from 1993 in several aspects and especially in the area of federalism is ambiguous and consequently already in the beginning could be read from different perspectives the main tenor is the emphasis on democracy and the value of the individual person.


How Russia did not become a Market Economy
The Dream
The Evidence
The Problem
The Muscovite Matrix
Unaccountable Government
Conditional Property Rights
Legal Regulation
Engine of Growth
A Predictable Outcome
A Culture of the Market?

Author: Fogelklou, Anders

Source: Uppsala University Library

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