Self-Monitoring of Attention Versus Self-Monitoring of Performance with Second-Grade Journal Writing: A Comparison of Two Techniques

Learners usually don’t self-monitor when they write. This research analyzed the comparative usefulness of self-monitoring of performance (SMP) and self-monitoring of attention (SMA) in the area of journal writing. Eight second-grade individuals with writing difficulties took part in this research. A multiple-baseline design was carried out to analyze the differential results of SMA and SMP. Observational data were gathered by the experimenter and included observing and recording each of the following behaviours throughout morning writing sessions: on-task behavior, amount of words written, and amount of minutes spent writing. Writing quality had also been considered. This research took place in 2 general education inclusive classrooms. Number of words written during both the SMA and SMP conditions surpassed the number of words written during baseline for all students. During SMA, time on-task increased for all 8 students. Despite the fact that students in the SMP condition confirmed gains, in time on-task …


Chapter 1: Introduction
Study Rationale
Research Questions
Definition of Terms
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Phases of Self-Regulation
Self-Monitoring Procedures
Writing and Self-Regulation
Chapter 3: Methods
Teacher Writing Questionnaire
Writing Task
General Procedures
reatment Validity
Chapter 4: Results
Analysis of Baseline Data
Effects of SMA
Effects of SMP
Effects of SMA versus SMP
Social Validity
Chapter 5: Discussion
Research Questions….

Source: University of Maryland

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