Simulating the monotonic paths protocol as a solution to the stable paths problem

The Border Gateway Protocol, commonly known as BGP, in its latest version, is considered the “glue that holds Internet together”. BGP is the protocol that the Autonomous Systems, the largest entities in which Internet is divided, use to exchange routing information on the Internet. The importance of a well behavior of the protocol is as important as the Internet itself.

However, the behavior of the protocol sometimes differ from what is expected. Among others, BGP lacks some stability in the choice of paths that each of the Autonomous Systems do. This is referred to as the “Stable Paths Problem”, and although the problem has been thoroughly studied, and solutions have been proposed, most of them do so through limitations on the high liberty degree of the protocol.

This thesis analyzes and tests one of the proposed solutions, a modification on BGP at its most abstract levels, called the “Monotonic Paths Protocol”; a solution that does not limit the liberty degree of BGP.

Author: Gomes Dekker, Mauel

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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