Validation of a simulation model of the Delay Tolerant Network Architecture

The puropuse of this thesis was to study and compare a simulation model and a reference model of the Delay Tolerant Network architecture. The simulation model was created during a previous thesis at Luleå university of technology by Henrik Eriksson and Patrik Jönsson.

When tested, it was discovered that neither model were complete. They both lacked certain features. The simulation model did not behave in a very good way when the custody transfer feature was disabled and the reference model did not have the custody transfer feature at all. Therefore both models were modified during this thesis.

After the modification were done, a number of different tests were run on both models. These tests generated data which were used to produce graphs. These graphs were used to compare the behaviour of the models. They showed that both models had a similar behaviour which indicated that the simulation model is a good choice for testing different networks with the bundling protocol.

Author: Edsfors, Martin; Nistal, Isidro

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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