Single-molecule Detection in situ

The human body contains a variety of different cell types that share a common genome, but differ in how they use the information encoded therein. Variation in molecular content exists even at the level of individual cells, and to provide deeper insight into complex cellular processes methods that permit analysis of each cell on its own are needed. This thesis presents molecular methods for localized detection of individual nucleic acid molecules. The developed methods are based on padlock probes and target-primed rolling circle amplification…


Targets for biomolecular analysis
The human genome
Genetic variation
Methods for analysis of biomolecules
Properties and formats of molecular methods
Probing and amplification
The polymerase chain reaction
Padlock probes
Rolling circle amplification
In situ detection of nucleic acids
In situ hybridization
Techniques based on in situ polymerization
Padlock probes for in situ detection and genotyping
Present investigation
Paper I: In situ genotyping individual DNA molecules with padlock probes and target-primed RCA
Paper II: Detection of Alu sequences and mtDNA in comets using padlock probes


Author: Larsson, Chatarina

Source: Uppsala University Library

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Keywords: Projects, Dissertation, Thesis, Project Reports

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