Social Policy and Health Insurance in South Korea and Taiwan : A Comparative Historical Approach

This dissertation deals with a comparison of social policy in South Korea and Taiwan. By tracing the historical origins of the modern social security institutions, as well as the historical process of modernization of medical care in Korea and Taiwan, this study can identify the extension of entitlement to health insurance as one of the most contentious social policy issues in the two countries…


Research Problem
The objective of this dissertation
The structure of this introductory essay
Theoretical frameworks
Welfare mix or welfare society
Approaches to social Policy
Historical institutional approach
Conceptual premises – Health insurance, sickness insurance, and medical insurance
Methods – a comparative historical approach, combined with the case
study method
Sources of data
The Articles
Concluding remarks
Appendix 1. Map over Korea and Taiwan…

Author: Son, Annette H. K

Source: Uppsala University Library

projects, dissertation, thesis, project report

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