Dynamic Behaviour of a Soil Compaction Tamping Machine

A theoretical model was suggested and equations of motion derived. A computer program was developed to solve the resulting system of equations. Agreement between calculated and experimental results is not quite satisfactory. Reasons for discrepancy are discussed and suggestions for further investigation are given.


1 ´ Notation
2 ´ Introduction
3 ´ Theoretical Model
3.1 Simplifications
3.2 Equations of Motion by Newton’s Method
3.3 Equations of Motion by Lagrange’s Method
4 Solution Method
4.1 Marching Procedure
5 Experimental Investigation
5.1 Experimental Set-up
6 Theoretical and Experimental Results
6.1 Results
6.2 Discussion
7 Conclusion
8 References
9 Appendices
A Determination of Masses
B Determination of Spring Stiffness
C Determination of Damping Constants
D Determination of Moments of Inertia
E Performance Curves of the Engine
F Matlab Code

Author: Jens Borg, Anders Engström

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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