Sports sponsorship and Internet: case studies of Ericsson and Volvo

Sponsorship field is constantly growing and changing. Sports sponsorship is an investment in a sports entity (athlete, league, team, event) to support overall organizational goals, marketing objectives, and/or promotional objectives. The purpose of this research was to gain a deeper understanding of sports sponsorship and how companies with regard to sponsorship process are using Internet. This research was an exploratory and descriptive research. Qualitative research approach was used to carry out this research. The research strategy used for this research was case study. Ericsson and Volvo were selected as samples for the case studies. Data was collected by conducting telephone interviews. Validity and reliability were the main concern through out the research. The findings of the research showed that relationship marketing, image building and employees motivation are the objectives of companies related to sports sponsorship. Companies have a simple structure for sports sponsorship budgeting. Companies have different criteria for sports sponsorship selection. Sports sponsorship evaluation is done by using bench marking and setting milestones. Internet for sports sponsorship is used in shape of e-mail, chat channels and websites. This study enabled us to gain the purpose of research i.e. deeper understanding of sports sponsorship and how Internet is being used by companies with regard to sponsorship process.

Author: Parvez, Yasser; Pervez, Adnan

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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