Design and Development of a Spray Booth

As a part of a more extensive project of developing a new finishing line at the Bolivian door manufacturer Tecno Carpinteria San Pedro this thesis presents the development process for a special designed spray booth. The thesis covers every phase from a product idea to a final concept design.Working with finishing of furniture and other wooden products can effect the workers health in a negative way and damage the environment. The final result of the manufactured door is also depending on the how well the ventilation system in the working area is. Because of these reasons it is important to use safety equipment and a good ventilation system in the working area. As a part of this new finishing line San Pedro is in need of a special designed spray booth to control the spread of paint particles and other hazard substances that is a result of the finishing process…


1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Aim
1.2 Method
1.3 Outline
2. Theory
2.1 Wood Finishing
2.2 Working With Varnish and Spray Paint
2.3 Safety in Workstation
2.4 The Development Process
2.5 The Concept Development Phase
2.5.1 Customer Needs
2.5.2 Target Specifications
2.5.3 Concept Generation
2.5.4 Concept Selection
2.5.5 Test Concept
2.5.6 Final Specifications
2.6 The Design Process
3. San Pedro Factory
3.1 The Finishing Line
3.2 The Cabin
3.3 The Four Processes in the Cabin
3.4 The Production Flow
3.5 The Door Cart
4. Methodology
4.1 Customer Needs
4.2 Problem Investigation
4.3 Function Analysis
4.4 Concept Generation
4.5 Concept Selection
4.6 Develop Concept to Final Design
5. Customer Needs
5.1 Design Aspects
5.1.1 Project Description
5.1.2 Important Design Aspects
5.2 Weighting of the Needs
6. Problem Investigation
6.1 Technical Solutions
6.2 Booth
6.3 Airflow
6.4 Filter
6.5 State of the Art
7. Concept Development
7.1 Function Analysis
7.2 Concept Generation
7.3 Concept Selection
8. Develop Chosen Concept to Final Design
8.1 Improving Concept
vii8.2 Component Identification
8.2.1 Framework
8.2.2 Bars
8.2.3 Sheet Metal
8.2.4 Paint
8.2.5 Filter
8.2.6 Fastening for Filter
8.2.7 Lights
8.2.8 Safety Glass
8.2.9 Extractor
8.2.10 Service Door
8.2.11 Hinge
8.2.12 Handle/Lock
8.3 Proposal Design
8.4 Cost Calculations
9. Conclusions

Author: Axelsson, Daniel

Source: Linkoping University

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