Stability and Control Modeling of Tiltrotor Aircraft

This thesis develops a simple open-source model of a tiltrotor using the basic equations of motion. The model focused on stability and control aspects of the XV-15 aircraft using simple linear analysis and, in general, did not add in correction or scaling factors to obtain a better match with flight data. Subsequent analysis performed included a trim and time history solution. A linearized state space model was also developed and analyzed using state space matrices, Bode plots, and eigenvalue analysis. The results were validated against generic tiltrotor simulation model results and compared to flight test where available…

Author: Kleinhesselink, Kristi

Source: University of Maryland

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1. Introduction
1.1 Problem Statement
1.2 XV-15 Tiltrotor
1.2.1 Tiltrotor History
1.2.2 General Aircraft Description
1.2.3 Proprotor
1.2.4 Proprotor Blades
1.2.5 Control Strategy
1.2.6 Control Inceptors
1.2.7 Engine Placement
1.2.8 Operating Envelope
1.2.9 Changing Rotation Velocity
1.2.10 Center of Gravity Shift with Nacelle Movement
2. Governing Equations / Math model
2.1 Model Scope
2.2 Trim Routine
2.3 Axes Systems
2.3.1 Gravity Axis System
2.3.2 Body Axis System
2.3.3 Nacelle Axis System
2.3.4 Non-rotating Hub Axis System
2.3.5 Rotating Hub Axis System
2.3.6 Prime Blade Axis System
2.4 Airframe Forces and Moments
2.4.1 General
2.4.2 Wing
2.4.3 Fuselage
2.4.4 Horizontal Tail
2.4.5 Vertical Tail
2.5 Proprotor Forces and Moments
2.5.1 General
2.5.2 Flapping Equation of Motion
2.5.3 Proprotor Forces
2.5.4 Proprotor Moments
2.6 Control Inceptors
2.7 Solution Setup
2.7.1 Trim
2.7.2 Time-Marching Solution
2.7.3 Linearized Model
3. Results
3.1 Trim Results
3.2 Time Marching Results
3.3 Linearized System
3.4 Specification Compliance
4. Conclusions
5. Future Work
Appendix A: XV-15 Basic Aircraft Parameters
Appendix B: XV-15 Control System Development
Appendix C: Trim Results
Appendix D: Linearized Model Eigenvalues

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