Static Characteristics of Flexible Bellows

Theoretical expressions for stiffness and maximum stress were determined for axial, bending and torsion load by using a combination of analytical, statistical and finite element calculations. Experimental verification showed very good agreement.


1. Notation
2. Introduction
3. Basic Relations and Limitations
3.1 Bellow Geometry
3.2 Loads
4. Theoretical models
4.1 Axial Load
4.1.1 Model I: Restrained Radial Displacement
4.1.2 Model II: Free Radial Displacement
4.1.3 Finite Element Model
4.1.4 Corrected Model
4.2 Bending Load
4.3 Torsion Load
4.3.1 Flank Calculations
4.3.2 Top and Bottom Element Calculations
4.3.3 Summary of Torsion Load
5. Experimental Verification
5.1 Axial Load Verification
5.1.1 Experimental Set-up
5.1.2 Results
5.2 Bending Load Verification
5.2.1 Experimental Set-up
5.2.2 Results
5.3 Torsion Load Verification
5.3.1 Experimental Set-up
5.3.2 Results
6. Conclusions
7. References

Author: Anders J├Ânsson, Madeleine Hermann

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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