Strategic Decision-making, Group Behavior, and Public Relations Strategies

Public relations can boost strategic decision-making by introducing appropriate info which handles decision-making outcomes on stakeholders to the process. The idea for this research was that efficient communication which attends to specific interaction facets of decision-making via organizational strategic decision-making initiatives could boost the probability of better decisions. The technique used for this research had been active interviews. This approach was regarded as best suited to obtain an understanding of senior executives’ interpretation and description of 4 strategic decision-making events which were carried out in the U.S. Coast Guard during the 1990s. The outcomes of this research uncovered numerous patterns or themes related with far better strategic decision-making. First, businesses which view decision-making as more continuous and linked with other crucial objectives find their efforts to be more…

Contents: Strategic Decision-making, Group Behavior, and Public Relations Strategies

Chapter 1: Introduction
Purpose of Study
Significance of Study
Chapter 2: Conceptualization
Organizational Theory
Systems Theory
Role of Power
Stakeholders and Publics
Decision Theory
Decision-making Models and Strategies
Logical Incrementalism
Strategic Management and Collective Action
Role of Strategy
Collective Action
Social Psychology of Groups
Norms and Behavior
Coalitions and Activism
Public Relations Theory
Situational Theory of Publics
Models of Public Relations
Symmetrical Theory of Communication
Environmental Scanning
Issues Management and Activism
Summary and Research Questions
Chapter 3: Methodolgy
Philosophy of Qualitative Research
Considerations in Research Design
Long Interview
In-depth Interview
Elite Interview
Active Interview
Summary of Research Schema
Decision Events
Selection of Participants
Ethical Implications
Analytic Techiques and Approach
Data Analysis
Chapter 4: Results….

Source: University of Maryland

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