Informing Individual’s Actions through Strategic Planning for Sustainability

This thesis focuses on the effects of a strategic planning process for sustainability (SPPS) on individuals. Very little research has connected strategic planning and sustainability for individuals, while related research has focused on strategic planning in organizational contexts and psychological determinants of individual change related to the environment (e.g., environmental attitude and perceived personal threat). An SPPS, based on backcasting from scientific principles of sustainability and the ABCD Analysis, a generic strategic planning methodology utilized by The Natural Step, was adapted for individuals and introduced to eight people in Karlskrona, Sweden. The SPPS was delivered to each participant in three, two-hour sessions, facilitated by three researchers. The study: 1) measured participants’ ability to identify new actions that move towards sustainability…


1 Introduction
1.1 Research purpose and questions
2 Methodology
2.1 Initial Phase
2.1.1 Literature Review
2.1.2 Test Sessions
2.2 Core Phase
2.2.1 Participant Recruitment
2.2.2 Pre-SPPS Survey
2.2.3 Facilitated Strategic Planning Process for Sustainability (SPPS) Sessions
2.2.4 Post-SPPS Survey
2.3 Final Phase
2.3.1 Analysis
3 Results
3.1 Survey results
3.1.1 Comparison of Pre- and Post-SPPS survey
3.1.2 List of Actions
3.2 Process Results
3.2.1 General
3.2.2 Awareness
3.2.3 Vision
3.2.4 Baseline
3.2.5 Solutions
3.2.6 Prioritization
4 Discussion
4.1 Primary Question: Identifying Additional Actions
4.2 Secondary Question: Dedicated Time and Personal Introspection
4.3 Personal Values and Vision
4.4 Emergent Values and Vision
4.5 Ecological Sustainability Focus
4.6 Drawing Connections
4.7 Definition and Possibility of Sustainability
4.8 Challenging and Stimulating Aspects of the Process
4.9 Additional Discussion
5 Conclusions/ Recommendations
List of Abbreviations

Author: Kevin Cameron, Roya Khaleeli, Amity Lumper

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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