Concepts, strategies and controller for gasoline engine management

The aim of this Master’s Thesis was to build an electronic controller for a fuel injection engine in a Formula SAE race car. The thesis begins with a short look at history and a basic description of the fuel injection engine. Then you can read all about how and why a fuel injection engine works in the chapter about important concepts. After that the sensors and actuators available today are described in the fuel injection hardware chapter.

In the conclusion chapter, I choose hardware and strategy for my electronic controller. The construction, building and software development for my controllerprototype are then revealed in the prototype construction chapter, where I also describe how I proved my prototype controller, with a data acquisition card (DAC) and National Instrumentst’LabVIEW.

The final result and future possibilities are then described in the result and future work chapter. Last but not least, you find the source code for my electronic controller in appendix A.

Author: Kjellqvist, David

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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