Strategy implementation in the construction industry | Balanced Scorecard

The report describe how a construction firm could integrate the strategy with the operative work on the project level in order to sustain and develop their competitive advantages in a growing competitive environment, by implementing a balanced scorecard (BSC)

The report concludes that the inactive competition within the construction industry entail that the industry continuously delivers the same products, in the same way. The construction industry is now dealing with an increasing competition and evidently decreasing subsidies from the government, that will continue to influence the construction industry, and the companies, which therefore must work hard to sustain and increase their competitive advantages.

Balanced Scorecard

1 Introduction
1.1 Problem discussion
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Delimitations
1.4 Definitions
1.5 Disposition
2 Method
2.1 Legitimacy and trustworthiness of the thesis
2.1.1 Validity
2.1.2 Reliability
2.2 Case study as a research method
2.3 Sequence of operations
3 Theoretical Framework
3.1 Organizational structures
3.1.1 Centralized- and decentralized organization
3.1.2 Construction projects
3.2 Strategy
3.3 Strategy analysis
3.3.1 Stakeholder analysis
3.3.2 Porter’s value chain
3.4 Formulation of strategy
3.5 Implementing strategy
3.5.1 Managing project risk
3.5.2 Project portfolio theory
3.6 The Balanced Scorecard
3.6.1 The four perspectives
3.6.2 Linking measures to strategy
3.6.3 Managing Business Strategy
3.6.4 Balance Scorecard as a management system
4 Empirical findings
4.1 The organizational structure and role descriptions
4.2 How the organization works
4.2.1 On the strategic level – project selection
4.2.2 Sharing of information
4.2.3 Focused strategies .
4.2.4 Measuring the business
4.2.5 The tender procedure
4.2.6 The planning phase
4.2.7 The production
4.2.8 The acceptance of building
5 Analysis
5.1 The balanced scorecard in NCC
5.2 How to manage business strategy….

Author: Karlsson, Gabriel,Nilsson, Pontus

Source: Jönköping University

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