Stream databases

One of the most important issues in contemporary database application became processing of the large amount of data. Second problem is different characteristic of the data that are processed by the system. Those data are perceived as large continuous streams of elements rather than finite sets of elements. This thesis presents new class of database systems that handles data stream processing, issues and benefits form using these systems in the context of telecommunication systems.


1. Introduction
2. Data Stream and Data Stream Management System
2.1. Mathematical model
2.2. DSMS Architecture
2.3. Query in DSMS
2.4. DSMS limitation and approximation
2.5. Recovery and safety problems
3. Methodology
3.1. Research method
3.2. Tools
3.3. Models description
3.4. Summary
4. Research
4.1. The Experiment
4.2. Discussion of the results
4.3. Related work
5. Conclusion and further work
6. Index of tables
7. Index of figures
8. References
Appendix A – Specification of application
Functional specification
Non-functional requirements
Appendix B – Streszczenie w języku polskim – The Abstract in polish

Author: Przemyslaw Pawluk

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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