How to improve the strength in jackscrews by use of Six Sigma

Schefenacker Vision Systems Australia is really a quality committed organization, they’re planning to achieve the goal of Six Sigma quality. A few of the production lines are not yet there. A few quality problems require more immediate attention than the others ie because of complaints from customers etc.

SVSA is a world leading manufacturer of rear view mirrors and actuators, they work a lot with injection moulded parts, plus they make the majority of the parts in house.

The specific issue this dissertation looks into is a problem that has had several customer concerns over the last years. Jackscrews heads has been breaking when the motormechanism are being assembled.

This thesis is a Six Sigma project in which a number of different statistical methods and tools are used ie design of experiments and measurement system analysis.

The purpose of the project has been to investigate if it is possible to improve the strength in jackscrews by use of Six Sigma and if it is worth it. This has been done by a optimisation of the particular moulding process. The improved machine settings is a result of several designed experiments and analysises.

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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