Architectural structure for information system intended to virtual organizations

In the changing world, where the globalization is affecting almost every business, there is needed to form virtual organizations even between smallest firms. If the companies want to survive in tightening competition they have to change their business models in such way that they recognize the capabilities of Internet and virtual organizations. Internet makes possible to use new technologies for creating new kind of sales channels for their products or services. There are many marketplaces that are proofed to be very successful and highly profitable. Even though of success stories there are possibilities to evolve these technologies to the next level.

In this study we will examine how to build a design to one of the possibility of this kind of next level technology and how feasible this would be. We have studied theories of virtual organizations and marketplaces and combined these theories and designed a model for Information System based on our findings. We think that there are needs to study these kinds of information systems, because these combine the benefits of virtual organization and marketplaces.

Our empirical study shows us that there are many difficulties when designing these kinds of information systems, because this subject is so new that there is no exact knowledge or theory how to construct this. We found out that most suitable matters were criterions for good portal and suitable technologies. The criterions we found were: Ease of use, good security, ease of integration with existing service, platform independence, performance, expandability, conformity to open standards, favourability of pricing and licensing terms, easy to maintain and reliability. Our model was designed based on these criterions and suitable technologies.

Author: Postila, Jani; Törmänen, Petri

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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