Return to Work: Assessment of Subjective Psychosocial and Environmental Factors

In society the sick-leave rate is high and a better understanding is required of the factors that facilitate return to work. In the return to work process, assessments of peoples’ work ability play an important role. However, the lack of usable, valid, reliable, and theoretically sound assessment instruments for assessing work ability is a concern. Credible and theoretically sound assessment methods for assessing clients…


The worker role, an important role in adult life
Sick-leave in Sweden
Assessing work ability and evaluation of assessment instruments
Theory-based occupational therapy and the use of assessments
Assessment instruments related to work with the Model of Human Occupation as the theoretical foundation
The Worker Role Interview
The Work Environment Impact Scale
Combining the interviews of the WRI and the WEIS
Characteristics of the five papers
Procedure, participants and data collection
Ethical considerations
Study I, Practice models in Swedish psychiatric occupational therapy
Study II, Worker Role Interview-preliminary predictive validity of return to work
Study III, Construct validity of the Worker Role Interview
Study IV, Perceptions of the work environment among people with
experience of long term sick leave.
Study V, Return to work – the predictive value of the Worker Role
Interrelations between the included studies
Methodological considerations
Samples representativity, internal and external drop outs
Rationale of using the WRI and the WEIS and in comparison to
ther work related psychosocial assessment instruments
Data analysing methods
Statistical analyses
Qualitative analysis
Discussion of the main findings
Use of theoretical approaches and models in occupational therapy
The use of the WRI and the WEIS for identifying rehabilitation needs essential for return to work
Predictive validity of the WRI
Construct validity of the WRI…


Author: Ekbladh, Elin

Source: Linköping University

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