An experimental study of silver partitioning in sulfide-oxide-melt systems at 800 degrees C

Silver solubility, and partitioning of silver between pyrrhotite and magnetite at a(Ag) = 0.13 ± 0.04 (1σ) has been determined at 800°C, and a range of fS2 between -4.06 and -0.18 and fO2 between -14.90 and -11.62 ….


Chapter 1: Background and Introduction
Section 1: Background
Section 2: Introduction
Chapter 2: Experimental Procedure
Section 1: Experimental Procedures: Sealed Silica glass Tube Experiments
Section 2: Experimental Procedures: Hydrothermal Experiments
Section 3: Failed Silica Tube and Hydrothermal Experiments
Chapter 3: Analytical Methods
Section 1: Sealed Silica Tube Experiments
Sample Preparation for Electron Probe Analysis
Analysis of Run Products
Section 2: Hydrothermal experiments
Sample Preparation for Electron Probe
Analysis of Run Products (EPMA)
Analysis of Fluid Inclusions (Microthermometry)
Analysis of Fluid Inclusions (LA-ICP-MS)
Section 3: Demonstration of Equilibrium
Chapter 4: Results: Silica Tube Experiments
Section 1: Exclusion of Data and Observations
Section 2: Silver concentrations in magnetite and pyrrhotite
Section 3: Partition coefficients for silver between pyrrhotite and magnetite
Section 4: Silver-iron sulfide and silver-gold solid solution run products
Section 5: Thermodynamics
Oxygen and sulfur fugacity
Activity of silver….

Author: Englander, Leah

Source: University of Maryland

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