Open midplane designs based on sector coils in superconducting dipole magnets

For some cases of lattice layout in particle accelerators, the major part of the energy deposition coming from the collision is located in the midplane of the magnets. The heat produced might result in a quench in superconducting magnets. One solution for reducing the energy deposition in the coil is to introduce an opening in the midplane…


1 Introduction
2 CERN and the LHC project
2.1 Subatomic Physics and the Standard Model
2.2 CERN
2.3 Particle accelerators
2.4 The LHC project
2.5 Superconductivity
2.5.1 Superconducting materials
2.5.2 Superconducting cables
2.6 The LHC dipole magnets
2.6.1 The D1 dipole
2.7 The need of open midplane dipoles in the LHC and beta beams
3 Field quality in superconducting dipoles
3.1 Different types of magnetic fields
3.2 Mathematical derivation of the multipoles
3.3 The open midplane
3.3.1 Analytical solution for a one sector layout
3.3.2 Two sectors
3.3.3 Three sectors
3.3.4 The general case
3.4 Evaluation of the short sample field
4 Theoretical solutions for the coil layout
4.1 Estimation of the multipoles
4.2 Solutions for different layouts of sector coils
4.2.1 Different computational methods and computational times
4.2.2 One sector coil
4.2.3 Two sector coil
4.2.4 Three sector coil
4.2.5 Four sector coil
4.3 The short sample field estimation for open midplane layouts
5 Coil layouts with Rutherford cable
5.1 One layer, three sector coil
5.1.1 Five degree opening
5.1.2 Ten degree opening
5.1.3 No opening….


Author: Bruér, Jens

Source: Linköping University

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