Evaluation the Supply Chain of Plymovent AB

Corporations have turned increasingly to global sources for their supplies. This globalization of supply has forced companies to look for more effective ways to coordinate the flow of materials into and out of the company.

This Master Thesis is a part of PlymoVent’s business to customer plot, with the aim to investigate how the consumers receive the services that PlymoVent provides. With regard to PlymoVent’s business strategy and reference theory, the demands of how to receive and monitor a supply chain for a better customer satisfaction where targeted. The findings refer to poor customer satisfaction due to obscure procedures in problem resolution and discrepancy handling, and vague transportation accuracy.


Presentation of PlymoVent AB
PlymoVent AB
Ventilation products
Problem Analysis
Frame of Reference
Supply Chain Management
Linking the Value Chain to SCM
Primary Activities
Support Activities
Customer Oriented Value Chain
Linking Logistics and Marketing
Product and Service
Customer Service
Logistics Service Value
Specifcation of Task
Specifcation of Purpose
The Path
Logistics Service Elements
Customers’ Evaluation of Supply Chain Performance
Importance Grading of the Logistics Service Elements by the Customer
Performance vs. Importance
Redesigning the Supply Chain
Research Questions
Science – the approach
Methodological approach
Induction & Deduction
Research Approach
Type of research
Primary and Secondary Data
Practically Performance
Sources of Error
Presentation of Customers’ Evaluation
Reviewing Customers’ attitude
Evaluation of the Supply Chain Performance 53Evaluation by Means of Logistics Service Elements
Product Information
Ordering Experiences
Shipments to Customers
Product Quality
Discrepancy Reports
Contact Quality
Importance Grading of Logistics Service Elements
Logistics Service Elements
Competitor Triggers
Performance vs. Importance
The Correlative Matrix
Logistics Service Elements in Need of Improvement
Shipment to Customer
Discrepancy Reports
Post Order Placement
Problem Resolution Quality
Peripheral Factors
Product Information
Shipment Content
Product Quality
Factors Creating Customer Satisfaction
Contact Quality
Pre Order Placement
The CSCIC Applied to PlymoVent’s Business
Action Plan
Future Studies

Author: Nilsson, Jesper,Carlsson, Mathias

Source: Linköping University

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