The Swedish American Bibliography Project. A Case Study

This thesis is a case study of the Swedish American Bibliography (SWAM), a special subject database in the Swedish Royal Library‚Äôs library information system, LIBRIS. The research intentions are to explore and define the bibliography, and, by resolving issues concerning the responsibility for the bibliography, to fulfill the broader intention of clearing the way for its continuation. During the academic year 2006/2007 the qualitative methods of literature analysis, website analysis, email interviews and correspondence were used for investigating the bibliography…


1 Introduction
1.1 Presentation of the Study
1.2 Objectives and Goals
1.3 Questions
1.4 Delimitations
2 Literature Review
2.1 Concept Literature
2.1.1 Bibliography
2.1.2 National Bibliography
2.1.3 Suecana
2.1.4 Suecana Extranea
2.1.5 Cultural Heritage
2.1.6 Collaboration
2.2 Previous Literature on the SWAM Bibliography
2.3 Connecting the Literature to the Research
3 Method
3.1 Research Design
3.2 Connecting Methods to the Research Questions
4 Results
4.1 Research Question One
4.2 Research Question Two
4.3 Research Question Three
4.3.1 Scope
4.3.2 Digital Structure
4.3.3 Access
4.4 Research Question Four
4.4.1 Sweden: the Swedish Royal Library
4.4.2 Denmark: The Royal Library of Denmark
4.4.3 Finland: Helsinki University Library
4.4.4 Iceland: The National and University Library of Iceland
4.4.5 Norway: The National Library
4.5 Research Question Five
4.5.1 Email Interview
4.5.2 Conference Summary
4.5.3 Correspondence
5 Discussion
5.1 Reflections Related to the Literature Review
5.1.1 Bibliography
5.1.2 National Bibliography
5.1.3 Suecana
5.1.4 Suecana Extranea
5.1.5 Cultural Heritage
5.1.6 Collaboration
5.1.7 Previous SWAM Literature
5.2 Reflections Related to Research Question One
5.3 Reflections Related to Research Question Two
5.4 Reflections Related to Research Question Three
5.5 Reflections Related to Research Question Four
5.6 Reflections Related to Research Question Five
5.7 Discussion of the Methods
5.8 Problems Encountered
5.9 Future Research
5.10 Conclusions
6 Summary
7 Bibliography
8 Appendix

Author: Jansson, Martha

Source: University of Boras

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