abnormal returns

Divestiture announcements in Australia : causes and consequences

This project examines divestiture announcements in Australia from 1987 to 1997. Valuation effects in response to such announcements are consistently, however weakly, positive for both the divesting parents and the acquiring firms. Different causes and motives to divest are investigated…. Chapter 1:

Mergers and Acquisitions: Abnormal returns in the pharmaceutical industry

This project is prepared with regards to the long term effect of stock prices when one monster pharmaceutical business acquires or merges with another pharma company to nurture their business. The M&A craze is an exciting part of conducting business today also it can be made for many good reasons, that’ll be pointed out later on in this report. It could have a great impact on the financial markets and we research it since the Mergers and Acquisitions M&A’s calls for bigger deal values today than in the past.

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