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The role of interactive media in relationship marketing

This dissertation is about how a organization in the healthcare sector can use interactive media in customer communication, as a way to strengthen relations. The aim is to discuss how the consumers in Europe would love to get information and get in touch with the suppliers, research the likelihood of using Internet/e-mail and telemarketing and also to offer a suggestion for future communication with these media. We present and give an understanding of crucial concepts required for solving the research ...

Project category: Marketing
Branding Technical Services: a case study on SWECO’s brand

The economical structure has suffered a great change over the past decades; the service industry has exploded into a dominant force in the western world. Therefore, the idea of services marketing is relatively new. Although a growing number of service firms are realizing the significance of marketing and branding, you may still find technical service businesses that have not adapted the concept. The consultancy firm SWECO, which will be the case study, is one of them. The objective with this ...

Project category: Marketing
Corporate visual identity: the communicational role of the brand name and the logo

Branding has become a very instrumental way for organizations to communicate to the customer in today’s competitive business environment. This means of communication has strategic advantages in creating association, values and differentiation for a corporation in the long run. The purpose of this study is to provide a better understanding of how corporate visual identity is developed in organizations. Corporate visual identity, consisting of the five elements of name, logo, typography, colour and slogan, is a reputable method of generating ...

Project category: Marketing

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