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How to face the future?: A model for scenario planning at VLC (Volvo Logistics Corporation)

In this project a model for logistics activities at Volvo Logistics Corporation, VLC, in the future has been built. The research is part of a project called Vision 2015 & Beyond, which began in the beginning of 2006, and concentrates on what changes in the business environment that VLC as a TPL provider faces in the future. Within the scope of this project threats in the business environment as well as internal issues which are regarded as concerns for the ...

Project category: Management Misc
Customer Relationship Management within the United States Automotive Industry

During the last decade, increasing attention has been given to relationship marketing as a way to enhance cooperation between a selling company and its customers and bring benefits to both parties. Relationship marketing allows a selling company to better meet competition and exceed their competitors, and hence relationship marketing becomes an important determinator of success in the increasingly competitive business world of today. One method of relationship marketing is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The purpose of this thesis has been to ...

Project category: Marketing
Corporate visual identity: the communicational role of the brand name and the logo

Branding has become a very instrumental way for organizations to communicate to the customer in today’s competitive business environment. This means of communication has strategic advantages in creating association, values and differentiation for a corporation in the long run. The purpose of this study is to provide a better understanding of how corporate visual identity is developed in organizations. Corporate visual identity, consisting of the five elements of name, logo, typography, colour and slogan, is a reputable method of generating ...

Project category: Marketing
Exceeding customer expectations: an online and offline perspective

Today’s competitive business environment is one of the reasons why companies have to put more effort into always having the customers in focus when conducting business. Research has shown that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer compared to keep a present one. In order for companies to keep their present customers as well as attracting new ones demands that they differentiate themselves from competitors and keep customers satisfied. Satisfying customers can be achieved not only ...

Project category: E-commerce, Marketing
The role of network marketing in international logistic companies’ business development; an analysis of manager’s perceptions

As the Business environment becomes more and more competitive, companies are forced to push themselves to a very edge of their capabilities. Ultimately the success of the companies relies on their human resources and business and marketing strategies which can help them to show up in global market. So network marketing has become an increasingly used method in order to enhance the small medium size Int’l logistic companies’ performance. The purpose of this study is to provide a better understanding ...

Project category: Marketing, Operations Management

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