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Theory and tools of linking business and manufacturing strategies

From the manufacturing strategy point of view, manufacturing strategy must be in-line with business strategy, and manufacturing can potentially play a major role in developing a firm’s competitive advantage, like cost, quality, delivery, and flexibility. But, below 2 questions: 1. how business and manufacturing strategies are aligned; and 2. how manufacturing contributes to building business competitive advantage are a point of continuous discussion, lacking empirical evidence, yet of important theoretical and practical implications. To highlight these topics, this dissertation focuses ...

Project category: Operations Management
Open Source Business Models

This thesis is describing a business strategy of how to license a software product. The licenses discussed in this thesis are called open source licenses. The open source licenses have gained much attention lately by companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Sun Microsystems. The reason for this is that some products considered being open source software are very widely used. These products include the most popular web server, the Apache web server, with more than 60% market share. 25% of ...

Project category: IT General
Merger & Acquisition : Avoiding the path of decay

Mergers and acquisitions count among the most spectacular and most obvious strategic demonstrations on the scale of the company. Globalisation has led company to think globally and act locally. Such a change in the business world have made emerge the need to find partner around the world, and even to merge with complementary companies in order to sustain the corporate strategic advantage and to create value. Purpose : The objective of this paper is to integrate major Merger & Acquisitions ...

Project category: Economics, Featured, Finance
Chief Information Officer: A business strategy resource?

The Information Technology (from now on IT) market is changing rapidly, what is considered modern to day might very well be outdated tomorrow. This has forced organizations to view IT as a continuously changing organism that needs to be controlled. Strategies are formed years in advance, often in combination with the business strategy. This has led to organizations creating a new role, the Chief Information Officer. This thesis aims at describing the ...

Project category: Strategic Management
Business Strategy and Management Control Measures for Success!

Background: Studying the relationship between strategy and Management Control Systems (MCS) is not a new phenomenon. The main purpose with the MCS has long been to attain the strategic goals that have been set for the organisation. Scholars have therefore argued that MCS should be adapted in harmony to the strategy employed by the company. There exists however little empirical evidence to support this claim. Problem:Recent studies shows that the largest problem companies’ face today is that their MCS doesn’t focus ...

Project category: Featured, Strategic Management
Customer Relationship Management: how a CRM system can be used in the sales process

The conditions for doing business are rapidly changing. Consumptions patterns are different, there are new technologies for distributing and collecting information, and the competition on the market is increasing domestically as well as globally. In order for companies to survive and grow they must find new ways of thinking, which has led to that new approaches has emerged in marketing research. First, Relationship Marketing appeared and now Customer Relationship Management, CRM, is in the center of interest. CRM highlights the ...

Project category: Marketing

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