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Factors that affect IT-based knowledge sharing

Knowledge has been acknowledged as an essential asset for organizations to gain competitive advantage. Progressively capable Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Information Systems (IS) are already designed and employed by organizations to facilitate Knowledge Management (KM). Beside strategic advantages and financial benefits, businesses are worried about how to motivate employees to share their knowledge to be able to obtain valuable knowledge, facilitate KM processes and get the best benefits from the investments in KM technologies. This document aims to: (1) ...

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A SmartWardrobe – Augmenting laundry planning

Trends in technologies have mostly focused on the work environment,entertainment and communication technologies. Some developments have been made for the home such as microwave ovens, washing machines,HDTV, etc but most tasks are still manually executed. Washing machines are used in laundry but there hasn’t been a significant saving in time compared to manual laundering. The effects of misuse of the machine can be very destructive to clothes. This calls for proper sorting of clothes and adjustment of washing settings as ...

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Availability and Mobile Phone Interruptions

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous in many countries today. As the number of subscribers and geographical coverage continues to increase worldwide, mobile users can now be reached at nearly any place and at any time. Though the technology supports near perpetual connectivity, users are not available for mobile phone communication in such a straightforward way. As a result, users are often interrupted by mobile phones in the middle of activities. One reason that has been attributed to this problem is ...

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