Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is described as the strategic advantage one business organization has over its rival organizations within its competitive industry. Attaining competitive advantage strengthens and positions an enterprise much better within the business environment. Competitive advantage arises when a business obtains or builds up an attribute or combination of attributes which allows it to outshine its rivals. These capabilities may include access to natural resources, for example high quality ores or economical power, or access to professional and knowledgeable personnel human resources. This section provides competitive advantage articles, project reports, competitive advantage thesis, dissertation, project ideas, competitive advantage project samples and list

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Marketing strategy for a Web Hosting Company

This project aims to establish an efficient marketing strategy for a Web Hosting Company, taking into consideration the organisations strategic position. A mix of both quantitative and qualitative research strategies were put to use. We will further discuss about strategic position, environment, strategic capabilities, influence of stakeholders, strategic choices, competitive rivalry, etc.

Project category: Marketing
Knowledge Management System: Case Match Maker Limited

In this project, we will study about Knowledge Management System in a company. In simple terms, a Knowledge Management System is an IT based system for managing knowledge in companies. Some topics discussed in this project are: KMS implementation in small consulting companies, Knowledge transformation, Knowledge Management Technology, Knowledge Management Four Pillars

Project category: Management Misc
IT-enabled organizational agility and firms’ competitive success

In the recent times, Organizational agility has gained quite a lot of interest because it is viewed as a major business capability that enables organizations to reply flexibly in today’s fast changing business environment. Nevertheless, it is still cloudy as to why and how certain information technology (IT) investments can help organizational agility and hence result in a firm’s long-term competitive success. This dissertation is designed to clarify the fundamental mechanisms of IT-enabled agility creation as well as influence on ...

Project category: IT General, Management Misc
Factors that affect IT-based knowledge sharing

Knowledge has been acknowledged as an essential asset for organizations to gain competitive advantage. Progressively capable Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Information Systems (IS) are already designed and employed by organizations to facilitate Knowledge Management (KM). Beside strategic advantages and financial benefits, businesses are worried about how to motivate employees to share their knowledge to be able to obtain valuable knowledge, facilitate KM processes and get the best benefits from the investments in KM technologies. This document aims to: (1) ...

Project category: IT General
Theory and tools of linking business and manufacturing strategies

From the manufacturing strategy point of view, manufacturing strategy must be in-line with business strategy, and manufacturing can potentially play a major role in developing a firm’s competitive advantage, like cost, quality, delivery, and flexibility. But, below 2 questions: 1. how business and manufacturing strategies are aligned; and 2. how manufacturing contributes to building business competitive advantage are a point of continuous discussion, lacking empirical evidence, yet of important theoretical and practical implications. To highlight these topics, this dissertation focuses ...

Project category: Operations Management
MNC Knowledge Transfer, Subsidiary Absorptive Capacity and HRM

Centered on a sample of 169 subsidiaries associated with MNCs running in USA, Russia, and China, this particular report looks into the connection between MNC subsidiary HRM strategies, absorptive potential and knowledge transfer. The document makes 2 crucial contributions. 1st, the report investigates the relationship between the use of certain HRM techniques and the level of the absorptive capacity.

Project category: International Business
Environmental Friendliness as a Marketing Strategy

The purpose of this thesis is to:investigate if and how companies display environmental friendliness in their marketing strategy and how it is presented on their company webpage’s. In order to fulfill the purpose five general dealer’s home and webpage’s were examined. As a supplementing research one store for each of the five general dealers were visited and examined. The used theoretical framework is focused on value and green marketing. How to create a specific value is often the core when ...

Project category: Marketing
The board of directors as a strategic resource in small ICT corporations

The thesis is to explore what significance the board of directors has in small ICT corporations, more precisely described as: What do they contribute with that could justify them being a strategic resource, which are likely to affect the competitive advantage of the corporation? Contents 1 The Wilds of Competitive Advantage 2 The Expedition - Out in the Wilds 2.1 THE ELEPHANT AND THE SIX BLIND MEN OF OURS 3 The Problem Discussion - Setting the Agenda for the Thesis. 3.1 AN INTRODUCTION TO THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 3.2 THE COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT OF ...

Project category: Strategic Management
Improving knowledge sharing capabilities of organizations: a case study of ReStral Nigeria Limited

The focus of this study is on how organizations can improve on knowledge management in order to enhance flow of work and productivity. We have chosen ReStral Nigeria Limited, a management consultancy firm, as a case study. We chose this company, firstly because our focus is on Nigeria; secondly, because of the company’s knowledge management capability.Davenport and Prusak posits that the “potential for new ideas arising from the stock of knowledge in any firm is practically limitless – particularly if ...

Project category: Management Misc
Strategic partnerships for transformational change towards a sustainable society

Today, global socio-ecological problems are too complex and urgent for isolated actions, and cross-sector collaboration is increasingly required to generate transformational change towards a sustainable future. Partnerships between businesses and civil society organisations (CSOs) in particular have the potential to achieve the required change for sustainability. However, the ‘backcasting’ approach used in this study highlights a gap between current approaches and what partnerships might look like in a sustainable future. Research draws on literature, eighteen interviews and an action research ...

Project category: Management Misc

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