Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is described as the strategic advantage one business organization has over its rival organizations within its competitive industry. Attaining competitive advantage strengthens and positions an enterprise much better within the business environment. Competitive advantage arises when a business obtains or builds up an attribute or combination of attributes which allows it to outshine its rivals. These capabilities may include access to natural resources, for example high quality ores or economical power, or access to professional and knowledgeable personnel human resources. This section provides competitive advantage articles, project reports, competitive advantage thesis, dissertation, project ideas, competitive advantage project samples and list

Marketing strategy for a Web Hosting Company

This project aims to establish an efficient marketing strategy for a Web Hosting Company, taking into consideration the organisations strategic position. A mix of both quantitative and qualitative research strategies were put to use. We will further discuss about strategic position, environment, strategic capabilities, influence of stakeholders, strategic choices, competitive rivalry, etc.

Factors that affect IT-based knowledge sharing

Knowledge has been acknowledged as an essential asset for organizations to gain competitive advantage. Progressively capable Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Information Systems (IS) are already designed and employed by organizations to facilitate Knowledge Management (KM). Beside strategic advantages and financial

MNC Knowledge Transfer, Subsidiary Absorptive Capacity and HRM

Centered on a sample of 169 subsidiaries associated with MNCs running in USA, Russia, and China, this particular report looks into the connection between MNC subsidiary HRM strategies, absorptive potential and knowledge transfer. The document makes 2 crucial contributions. 1st, the report investigates the relationship between the use of certain HRM techniques and the level of the absorptive capacity.

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