Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is described as the strategic advantage one business organization has over its rival organizations within its competitive industry. Attaining competitive advantage strengthens and positions an enterprise much better within the business environment. Competitive advantage arises when a business obtains or builds up an attribute or combination of attributes which allows it to outshine its rivals. These capabilities may include access to natural resources, for example high quality ores or economical power, or access to professional and knowledgeable personnel human resources. This section provides competitive advantage articles, project reports, competitive advantage thesis, dissertation, project ideas, competitive advantage project samples and list

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How can companies increase their market share?

The aim of this master thesis is to show how important it is to make deep market investigations of the present situation before expensive market activities are decided and entered into the market in question. Many industrial market plans are released without a complete knowledge and is not positive to the growth of market shares. To increase market shares, the best approach is to combine a detailed knowledge of the market with established market analysis theories like SWOT, Porter and ...

Project category: Marketing

Prior research has identified the manner in which human capital, social capital, and other intangible resources create value for organizations. Among such resources, those contributed by a firm's top managers have been singled out as particularly important for the generation and preservation of competitive advantage. However, the costs incurred to gain access to these resources, which reside at the individual and relational levels rather than at the firm level, are rarely considered. In this dissertation, I focus on individual executives ...

Project category: Management Misc
A flow cost model: a case study at Volvo Trucks Corporation

This master’s thesis was carried out at Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo Trucks is one of the world’s leading manufactures of heavy trucks and they have always seen the value in having effective material flows in order to succeed in the highly competitive automotive market. All trucks are assembled based on the customer’s needs. This makes each truck unique, developed to meet the individual need of the customer. This is a competitive advantage for Volvo Trucks, but it also requires ...

Project category: Operations Management
The impact of Internet on service quality in the banking sector

With the continuous growth of competition in the market place, understanding customers has become more and more important method of marketing. Research has shown that high service quality contributes significantly to profitability. In search of competitive advantage, both practitioners and academics are keen on accurately measuring service quality in order to better understanding its essential antecedents and consequences, and ultimately establish methods for improving service quality. Now days, the incredible growth of the Internet is changing the way corporations conduct ...

Project category: SSM
Development of a conceptual framework to measure organizational readiness to adopt knowledge management

Knowledge management is not something new. It is going to be something tangible and in another word there is a kind of revolution on this topic today. Nowadays all successful organizations are becoming knowledge-based and they try to have knowledge management and knowledge sharing as integral part of their attendance for achieving competitive advantage among other businesses. So many articles and retrospective theories and frameworks have been reviewed for doing this research. In this study I have tried to develop ...

Project category: E-commerce

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