Information Technology

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IT-enabled organizational agility and firms’ competitive success

In the recent times, Organizational agility has gained quite a lot of interest because it is viewed as a major business capability that enables organizations to reply flexibly in today’s fast changing business environment. Nevertheless, it is still cloudy as to why and how certain information technology (IT) investments can help organizational agility and hence result in a firm’s long-term competitive success. This dissertation is designed to clarify the fundamental mechanisms of IT-enabled agility creation as well as influence on ...

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Techno Therapy: a relation with technology

What is identified as a problematic area in this thesis is our different relations with information technology which creates inequalities between possibilities to enjoy the advantages, or suffer the disadvantages, of the information technological development. The first step in addressing this area is to start with our conceptions of technological development, voluntaristic or deterministic, and the first argument is that it is important to create an awareness of our relation with technology. This thesis presents a perspective (with the help ...

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Impact of information technology on productivity

Productivity is an important economic factor which has a key role in evaluating the economic growth. It is identified as the foundation for economic prosperity, a prerequisite for national development and also an important indicator of organizational competitiveness (Dedrick et al., 2003). Information Technology (IT) is one of the important resources for increasing the economic growth. It causes companies to use their input resources as much as possible in an effective way. As investment in IT capital accounts for an ever-increasing ...

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