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Knowledge Transfer Approach a project report

This is a project titled "Unpacking stickness : from the perspective of knowledge transfer approach". Knowledge transfer is crucial to businesses in today’s knowledge-based economy. Nevertheless, there exists a gap in the books in understanding knowledge transfer. This gap depends on an abandoned topic of knowledge transfer technique. This report tries to play a role in the literature by explicitly suggesting 4 knowledge transfer approaches (constituted of 2 dimensions of transfer strategy and transfer mechanism) accessible to transfer knowledge. We ...

Project category: Management Misc
Tacit Knowledge Transfer in Small Segment of Small Enterprises

Although small businesses are considered to be engine for the modern economy, they are certainly not leaders with regards to implementing brand new advances like tacit knowledge transfer procedures. Tacit knowledge is frequently referenced as skill, know-how and expertise that are embedded in every individual in an corporation. The vital skills and competences of workers are intangible assets and firms’ intellectual resources. In this context, the tacit dimension of knowledge is actually crucial to be transferred among individuals, either in ...

Project category: Economics
The role of leadership in knowledge transfer

The purpose of this study is to introduce the concept of internal branding, define it and discuss its relevance. The objective is (1) to put together the reasons why internal branding is indispensable and explain them systematically, (2) to introduce a critical perspective regarding the implementation process that internal branding entails, and (3) to check if the theory is reflected on to the empirics within this context. Following a deep literature survey about internal branding, branding and other related organizational ...

Project category: Marketing
Unpacking the Flow: Knowledge Transfer in MNCs

Multinational corporations (MNCs) are increasingly competing on their ability to utilise knowledge sourced from various parts of the world. In order to draw full advantage of a multinational presence, harnessing the potential of peripheral knowledge assets is a main strategic imperative.This thesis examines an activity that is central to MNCs use of such peripheral knowledge assets, namely the transfer of knowledge from one subunit to another. The knowledge transfer problem is approached in two ways: the extent to which subunits ...

Project category: International Business
MNC Knowledge Transfer, Subsidiary Absorptive Capacity and HRM

Centered on a sample of 169 subsidiaries associated with MNCs running in USA, Russia, and China, this particular report looks into the connection between MNC subsidiary HRM strategies, absorptive potential and knowledge transfer. The document makes 2 crucial contributions. 1st, the report investigates the relationship between the use of certain HRM techniques and the level of the absorptive capacity.

Project category: International Business

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