Marketing Strategy

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Marketing strategy for a Web Hosting Company

This project aims to establish an efficient marketing strategy for a Web Hosting Company, taking into consideration the organisations strategic position. A mix of both quantitative and qualitative research strategies were put to use. We will further discuss about strategic position, environment, strategic capabilities, influence of stakeholders, strategic choices, competitive rivalry, etc.

Project category: Marketing
Branding Technical Services: a case study on SWECO’s brand

The economical structure has suffered a great change over the past decades; the service industry has exploded into a dominant force in the western world. Therefore, the idea of services marketing is relatively new. Although a growing number of service firms are realizing the significance of marketing and branding, you may still find technical service businesses that have not adapted the concept. The consultancy firm SWECO, which will be the case study, is one of them. The objective with this ...

Project category: Marketing
Environmental Friendliness as a Marketing Strategy

The purpose of this thesis is to:investigate if and how companies display environmental friendliness in their marketing strategy and how it is presented on their company webpage’s. In order to fulfill the purpose five general dealer’s home and webpage’s were examined. As a supplementing research one store for each of the five general dealers were visited and examined. The used theoretical framework is focused on value and green marketing. How to create a specific value is often the core when ...

Project category: Marketing
Strategic approach adopted by Airtel

This report on Bharti Airtel is done to findout certain objective regarding the strategic approach Adopted by Airtel to stand strongly in the competitive telecom market. Bharti Airtel marketing strategy is analyses using various models like SWOT analysis, BCG Matrix, Ansoff’s matrix, porter’s five forces etc.

The role of network marketing in international logistic companies’ business development; an analysis of manager’s perceptions

As the Business environment becomes more and more competitive, companies are forced to push themselves to a very edge of their capabilities. Ultimately the success of the companies relies on their human resources and business and marketing strategies which can help them to show up in global market. So network marketing has become an increasingly used method in order to enhance the small medium size Int’l logistic companies’ performance. The purpose of this study is to provide a better understanding ...

Project category: Marketing, Operations Management
A conceptual framework for marketing strategy in SMEs regarding export performance as an independent variable

In this research a framework has been developed for food exporters, because there were only few strong frameworks in exporting and there were not good ones for Iranian exporters. In this dissertation effects of export performance on organizational commitment to export and also its hidden effect on marketing strategy definition have been considered in order to develop the framework. A new view on export performance has been taken which considers export performance as an independent variable compare to previous ones, ...

Project category: Marketing

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