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Branding Technical Services: a case study on SWECO’s brand

The economical structure has suffered a great change over the past decades; the service industry has exploded into a dominant force in the western world. Therefore, the idea of services marketing is relatively new. Although a growing number of service firms are realizing the significance of marketing and branding, you may still find technical service businesses that have not adapted the concept. The consultancy firm SWECO, which will be the case study, is one of them. The objective with this ...

Project category: Marketing
Internet Forums as a marketing tool: a case study of international internet marketing on forums

Internet is a growing channel for companies to conduct business. The internet is a competitive environment and it is hard to attract customers’ attention mostly because of the size of internet and the amount of information available it is hard to stick out from the crowd. One way to better reach specific customer segments is the use of interaction places on the internet called forums. On forums customers can share information regarding interest and experience about products. The recommendations that ...

Project category: Marketing

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