Growth and Characterization of Self-Assembled Ferromagnetic Iron Nanowires

Nowadays perpendicular ferromagnetic nanowires have drawn substantial interest because of the potential use in many areas of advanced nanotechnology, particularly high-density recording media. A great recording medium in this respect includes a densely organized assembly of nanometer-scale ferromagnets with high magnetization and

Tailored Properties of Ferromagnetic Thin Films

Magnetic thin films and patterned nanostructures have been studied with respect to their magnetic properties using SQUID-magnetometry, magnetic force microscopy, electrical measurements, and micromagnetic calculations.Properties of vortex domain walls, trapped in Permalloy nanowires with artificial constrictions, were investigated experimentally and by numerical

Template-assisted synthesis of nanomaterials

Fabricating nanostructures and tailoring their properties on the nanometer scales by conventional lithographic approaches are challenging. In particular, the creation of nanostructures with good alignment and uniform size, to enable and enhance desirable collective behaviors, is even more difficult. Such difficulties have

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