Signal Processing

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Suppression of reverberation in hearing aids

In this report we will talk about Suppression of reverberation in hearing aids. Reverberation is actually a sound degradation which lead to reduced speech intelligibility. For a hearing impaired person putting on a hearing aid, this could cause communication problems and therefore, the motivation for a dereverberation algorithm for hearing aids is obvious. Reverberation is created by propagation delays from reflective boundaries surrounding the source and the receiver of a sound, and is regarded as temporal smearing by the ...

Project category: Electrical/Computer
Extending the Levy Processes to Multiasset Products Pricing

Levy processes have attained good results in pricing single asset options. Within this dissertation, we present a technique allowing us to extend the single asset pricing approach based upon Levy processes to multiasset cases. In our approach, we suppose the log-return of each asset as a linear sum of independent factors. These factors are determined by the Levy processes, and the specific Levy process we're researching in this dissertation is the Variance Gamma (VG) process. We recover these factors by ...

Project category: Miscellaneous
3D imaging using time-correlated single photon counting

This project investigates a laser radar system. The system is based on the principles of time-correlated single photon counting, and by measuring the times-of-flight of reflected photons it can find range profiles and perform three-dimensional imaging of scenes. Because of the photon counting technique the resolution and precision that the system can achieve is very high compared to analog systems. These properties make the system interesting for many military applications. For example, the system can be used to interrogate non-cooperative ...

Project category: Engg Misc

In this dissertation, a framework is developed and demonstrated for the use of a new shape measurement system consisting of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) based strain sensors, a shape determination algorithm based on Frenet frames, and a signal processing algorithm based on modal analysis techniques. The system is experimentally validated by using a long slender, aluminum cantilever structure (65.625"x2.0"x0.125") with eight serially multiplexed FBG sensors. The multiplexed FBG sensors measure the bending strain distribution along the cantilever structure... Author: Baldwin, Chris Source: ...

Project category: Mechanical Engineering
Positioning in ultra wideband systems

After the use of unlicensed ultra wideband (UWB) communication was allowed by FCC in 2002, UWB technology has received great interest among telecom companies. The large bandwidth allows speedy wireless data transfer and the system can also be used for high precision indoor localization. This thesis explores the positioning capabilities in UWB systems. Two data aided synchronization/timing acquisition algorithms were implemented and evaluated. Both use the received signal as correlation template, thus making adaptive multipath-reducing equalizers unnecessary. The first one is ...

Project category: Electrical/Computer
Digital broadcasts using a FM transmitter

Every night, local newspapers are broadcasted on Sveriges Radio P1 all over Sweden. These newspapers are for the visually impaired, afatics, dyslectics and disabled persons that for some reason can not read printed newspapers. To be able to listen to these papers, the listener have to borrow a special receiver from Taltidningsnämnden, a Swedish government authority. The receivers used for recording these newspapers are now old and have to be replaced by new ones. The new receiver, called Adela, is built ...

Project category: Electrical/Computer
Real time phase locked loops

This report covers a master thesis in signal processing. It deals with solving a problem in a special type of audio encoder used in the Swedish speech newspaper system. However, design methods and algorithms developed or investigated are rather general. A large part of the report covers the fundamental theory of phase locked loops and can be regarded as a beginners introduction to the field. Along the way, the theory aims at a software implementation, and therefore tries to deal ...

Project category: Electrical/Computer
Analysis of waveform data from airborne laser scanner systems

This Master thesis work has been carried out during between June and November 2006 at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) at the Department of Laser System, in Linköping. Conventional airborne laser scanner systems extract only the first and last echo from the return laser pulse. With improved processor capacities and the ability to save more data it is now possible to save and analyse the entire waveform, in post-processing, in order to extract more characteristics of the reflecting surfaces, ...

Project category: Electrical/Computer
Methods of SNR estimation from asynchronously sampled data in an 802.11b system

Data is sampled from an 802.11b client card and then analyzed. The behavior of the signal and the characteristics of the noise is explored. Several SNR esimation algorithms are implemented and applied on the collected data. The results of this is a comparison of different SNR estimation techniques, as well as a look at how the SNR of the signal decreases as the distance from the access point increases. The effects of asynchronous sampling are also investigated, and algorithms to ...

Project category: Electrical/Computer
Speech compression and tone detection in a real-time system

During the night, encrypted spoken newspapers are broadcasted over the terrestrial FM radio network. These papers can be subscribed to by persons with reading disabilities. The subscribers presently have a special receiver that decrypts and stores the newspaper on a cassette tape. A project aiming to design a new receiver, using digital technology, was started during the year 2002. This report describes the parts of the project involving speech compression and tone detection. An overview of different compression techniques, with ...

Project category: Electrical/Computer

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