six sigma

Leaking rear axles: a design for Six Sigma project at General Motors

The issue for the project is that some of the rear axles for General Motors GMT800 and GMT900 are found to be leaking. Most of the leaks are spotted already at the paint facility Paint Tech International (PTI), but some make it all the way to the customer before being spotted. The leaks are normally discovered as a wet spot around the vent tube area on the differential, or in more severe cases as a puddle of lube around the pinion flange.

Business Process Performance Measurement for Rollout Success

Business process improvement for increased product quality is of continuous importance in the software industry. Quality managers in this sector need effective, hands-on tools for decision-making in engineering projects and for rapidly spotting key improvement areas. Measurement programs are a widespread approach

A Six Sigma project at Ericsson Network Technologies

The purpose of the thesis was to find factors that influence the mechanical characteristics for copper-wire products that are insulated with foamed polypropylene. This specific insulation material is new to the company and suitable machine-settings are unknown. The project was carried out

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